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The Naked Citizens are a songwriting and production team working with different artists and musicians and spanning many genres.


The name 'Naked Citizens' is taken from the 1950's TV program 'The Naked City' which had the tagline - 'There are a million stories in the Naked City, this has been one of them'


Naked Citizens are based in Cardiff, and consists of the following three songwriters/composers/performers


Dan Nichols (Railroad Bill. Punks Not Dad)

Rob Smith (Wonderbrass, Heavy Quartet, Iron Eye, Capra Mamei)

Chris Walker (Railroad Bill, Punks Not Dad)


Although we are established performers and writers with our own acts we wish to write for and collaborate with others - artists, publishers record companies etc as songwriters. If you are interested in working with us or are looking for original material please get in touch!


Our first project is an album of 12 songs in different styles, with 12 different singers, to be released in October 2018.  The album has been produced by Charlie Francis and is intended as both a commercial release in it's own right as well as a showcase of our work.


Our first single - 'Space Touring' - was released on Country Mile records in July 2018 and remixes will be released later in the year on Nang Records.


The Album will be released in the Autumn of 2018 on Country Mile Records.